By Marionb

As Promised...

.....When blips elude, I will use a Day Lily! See? I did. I have an endless supply right now, so why not?  

It was cleaning lady day today, so a relatively uneventful day for me...My job is to just stay out of the way..either get out of the house or escape with Maggie to my bedroom to read or watch TV.. Today I did both.. 

I am trying to make short excursions out of the house each day to get back into the swing of things...the big outing today was to drop off a few boxes of books at the Salvation Army...yes... I have worked up the courage to actually move some books along - to offer them a chance to be adopted into a new home where they will be re-loved..and appreciated and not left ignored on the shelf! It felt good. 

My friend Pat dropped by, of course armed with treats, for a quick visit and happened to mention that tomorrow is the Whitby in Bloom Garden Tour where you get a chance to visit various private gardens and see what talented gardeners can do with an urban back yard... So that is my plan for tomorrow....visit at least one garden and get at least one idea! 

M neighbour/gardener E had been hard at work in my urban back yard today, doing what he could to make it look more like a garden...and Quel Surpris! He found my little stone path and managed to dig it out from under weeds and ferns and violets and overhanging branches of the burning bush and bleeding heart greenery..and there it was! In all its former glory - a little in need of repairs..a few more stones to even up the edges...but at last..walkable!  I thought it deserved to be blipped...even if just as an extra, to be removed later when I run out of extras...

Tomorrow? The garden tour?

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