Plus ça change...

By SooB

And everything came into colour

It occurred to me that perhaps there's more to Photoshop than just the levels tool. So I had a bit of a play. This is not great or anything, but since it was the only photo I spent time on that wasn't for 'work', it's what you're getting.

The 'work' is in inverted commas because it's this thing for Mr B. That means that not only are client deadlines quite flexible (let's just say that with this client having to pick the kids up from school, make dinner and iron some shirts are all good excuses for not being chained to the computer), but also I may not get paid. I have a problem with calling something work if I'm not being paid for it! (I think it goes back to that saying: "Work is something you only do if someone pays you for it").

Another glorious sunny day, only marred by the Baltic winds whipping in from the North Sea, and 'work'.

Public acclaim and virtual prizes available to anyone who gets the title reference.

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