Currently no curtains in the livingroom, never got the poles back up after being decorated a few years ago.

The South facing bedroom curtain is closed when it's warm sunny especially in summer as gets too hot.

Livingroom south window gets sun most morning until just after 2pm in the summer can be hot but usually have windows open if I'm in. North livingroom window has sun in the evening sometimes blanking out the TV, but I enjoy the sunsets later.

So the hot weather warning info is saying close the curtains & close windows, until evening cooler?

These are old curtain liners that I washed ages ago. The pull threads broke, so rethreading with nylon cord, yellow as can't find any white in the box.

Couldn't find hook / eye to use with cord, the rod is too thick, so using old wooden pole rings with rod & hung curtain liner over South window. North not yet done as window still open.

Windows are not standard fit for curtains so either too short or too long or have to alter the hem - not me!

Tae f**k with ironing them - let them hang!

It will do for next few days (months) until decide replacement.

Water out in several dishes a few times in the day for birds & beasties & any other wildlife passing, including any neighbourhood cats still patrolling. Saw the fox briefly this morning.

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