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By HeidiAndDolly

Sweden Victory!! And Staying Cool!

Hello Blipfriends! It’s ME! Moose! From Sweden! I’ve had my very own blips a few times before! I live with Heidi and I used to belong to Dolly when she was still with us!

It was a hot day and this afternoon Heidi came inside for a couple of hours to be in the cool lounge. The TV went on and we watched the UEFA Women’s Euro Football match - Sweden and Portugal were playing . ‘WE’ won!! 5-0! How exciting is THAT??

In other news (from Heidi this time):
It was a hot day. There was a walk around the lake very early this morning before it got hot, and before both breakfast and the EARLY service at church! See Extra photo.

This afternoon I stayed in the shade as much as I could, working on my painting the garden furniture project - just one piece a day! I was VERY happy when I heard the ice-cream van! I got an ice cream for right away and an ice lolly for later! This is the first time I’ve seen him this summer. He said that they can’t get the staff - they have 8 vans and only 4 on the road. Maybe I should volunteer? Surely all the customers are happy ones? Who would be grumpy while buying an ice cream?

This evening once it got cool I got the ironing done - in the garden! And why not?

Catching up with my blips - scroll back if you wish! I’ve caught up now - I wonder how long that will last??

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