Home & Away

By HeidiAndDolly

My Beautiful Lake

Well, not MY lake, technically! I just found out that this is called Canberra Lake. I wonder what the history of that is?

Today was the first of our two SUPER HOT days in the UK, likely to be record breaking. I took these between 9-10 am, when it was just about bearable, and I stayed in the shade as much as I could. The field at the top right usually has cows grazing (see this blip) but I could just about see them hiding under the trees at the far end of the field.

I walked around the lake and had my flask of coffee sitting in a shaded spot (bottom right).

I soon had to go as it was another work day for me! I flew off to Denver this afternoon, glad to be away for the worst of the high temperatures! Denver is every bit as hot, and consistently so, but there is plenty of air con everywhere! And we were plenty cool on the plane! Bliss!

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