new paints

sparkly, shiny, bright new paints!!

So, when I read this . . . .
SoSoft Fabric Acrylics are super soft fabric paints that are opaque and give excellent coverage and washing durability on fabric. They are soft, like fabric dyes, but do not require the addition of a medium or heat setting. SoSoft Fabric Acrylics are permanent and can be brushed, stamped, sponged, or stenciled on.

I just could not resist buying a bunch of new paints! No heat setting on fabric required? That's unheard of! I started stamping and painting on fabric in 1994 and have even been published on the subject. : ) It will be fun to return to it after a break with a few new tools! Stay tuned . . . and many thanks for all your kind and supportive comments on yesterday's manatee, my flippers waving!

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