"you can never have too many clamps"

"You can never have too many clamps."
This is something my dad said more than once - it was his method of choice. Now that he is gone both Steven and I tend to say it 'for him' or pretending we're him as we say it, and then smile at each other ; )

This is a strip built wee lassie canoe hull that someone else started and then abandoned; Steven picked it up for a song and is now finishing for lucky me! It will be set up as a kayaking boat with a comfortable seat instead of me kneeling. In this photo you can see how he is attaching the gunnels with epoxy and then using the clamps to hold it tight until it dries. Steven was working on this at Lucas Boatworks and told me he used all of his clamps and all of Sandy's clamps. In total, 78 clamps. My dad would have been proud!

They'll be more to come on this boat . . . . Steven says the wood he is using for the thwarts and the decks is beautiful and I will love it! We are planning on doing some kayaking together on the river we live on, each in our own wee lassies and working on getting me comfortable in my own boat, like how to steer and stuff!

I have had a very busy past 2 days between making lots of art in my studio and taking lots of photographs of the process, going to Nia on the beach this morning, then taking a tour of my mom's gardens, lunch out with Ann, plus an appointment in the afternoon! I have not had much time to look or comment at anything here yet. I hope you all are doing well and I will get back to you soon. You are all so prolific and interesting that I hate to miss much! Thanks for your lovely comments on my uploads yesterday.

Have patience with all things, but first of all, yourself.
~ St. Francis De Sales

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