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Follow-up to a previous Blip* of two copy chargers for some Nikon camera batteries - the above is a genuine Nikon version. Very different, and more complex circuitry inside, some also on the underside. An important safety item that I noted was missing from the previous cheap copy ones, something basic I'd expect to see in near enough all mains powered equipment, a fuse. The one I'd bought has a place on the circuit board marked for a fuse to be fitted, but there was a different component in its place (a large resistor), and worse still, the plug on the power lead that came with the charger was not an approved type for UK use. It may have looked okay to the average user, a bit smaller than normal, but missing a required component - also, a fuse. So, no fuse in the charger or the mains lead. Don't leave that unattended.

Another safety feature the genuine charger has, when used with genuine Nikon batteries (separate topic for another day!), monitoring of the battery's temperature whilst it's being charged. All five connections to the battery are used. The "knock-off" copies only go directly to the battery, and not the temperature sensing connections, and that can be seen in the previous Blip*, just two wires going to the connections. Another potential safety compromise by going for the cheap option, and another reason for not leaving unattended. Your home insurance might not cover you for not heeding all those safety instructions that your original camera/charger/battery manufacturer gives in their manuals. Do be aware of that, when/if you think you're saving money.

(* - that previous Blip is, here)

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