Man, Mountain or Fish

By StevieFish

Friday fail.

Yup, its Friday and so there must be a mountain of rubbish work to attend to. Preferably requested by a non native english speaker, that needs to be deciphered and actioned yesterday.

Then we should add in the self-important git who saunters over and says "this is more urgent than what you are doing and so I am going to STRESS at you DEMAND that you stop doing the ultra urgent work for other lesser mortals and do what I need"

Can I have a ticket for that?



after lunch the afternoon didn't get any better. like a bad smell the rubbish work came back, add some random bugs and requests for more urgent stuff and that about sums up my day.

Last night was a grand evening of banter, whisky and Trinidadian Rum that wound its way from the Vaults to the Roseleaf before heading homeward in the wee hours
Oh, and restaurant review time - went to Loch Fyne last night with SJ (before heading off to the Whisky Society) it wasn't fine at all. Expensive and not very good.

Did I mention that I have had a 'society' hangover most of this morning?


T minus two hours until home time. hooray.

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