End of Landfill

Should be blipping 'The Sisters' today. No, it's not some secret society or criminal gang, it's Marlanes sisters that have travelled from Tasmania, Illinois and Holland for a party to be held tomorrow at the other, Gloucester, sisters house.
It's been a scream this afternoon, and this evening. I'll probably blip them tomorrow when they are all together.
Early this morning I did a recycling centre tip run. Unusually, there was a queue of traffic for the tip so while we were slowly moving forward, and stopping, I spotted the tractor on the skyline. It was towing a large trailer which was full of, what turned out to be, composted garden waste.
When it got to the black area it turned around and raised the rear panel.
This exposed two large ogre screws which started to spin, scattering the compost over previously laid topsoil.
This is the death knell for, what was, a huge area of landfill and is part of Gloucester's ambition to become the first City in the UK with a landfill developed Eco-park. Gloucester’s new green energy park and new 100,000 tree Hempsted Woods | Richard Graham

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