It's hard to believe it's Friday already. It's hard to believe that it's almost May already. I guess that isn't helped by the fact that it feels more like March today. The temperature has dropped yet again. I'm beginning to really crave a bit of warmth.

The pressure is building at work on a number of fronts. I guess I should be happy that we have lots of work, but much of it is prospective and it could all go horribly pear-shaped if we slip up or don't deliver on time. I normally sleep like the proverbial log but this week I've been waking up early each morning, well before the alarm. I'm definitely short of sleep. My eyes are feeling the strain too - another reason why I've not been able to engage much on the social side of blip. I've simply had enough of the computer come the evening.

I was supposed to have the weekend away cycling in Swaledale with a group from the cycling club but come the crunch it just wasn't possible with so much happening at work. I'm going to have to keep chipping away at things. This is really for the journal rather than you lot. I've not got it bad by any means so I really shouldn't moan. I'll be able to take some time out tomorrow to unwind a bit.

When I get the early train in to the office I have to share with a large contingent of kids going to Bradford Grammar School. When I saw them all on their phones this morning I really couldn't resist. Before you ask, I did seek permission but waited a while for them to get reabsorbed before I took the shot. It was as good as candid.

The phoneworld collection is growing. There are some great shots in there now. Thanks to all those who have contributed. Have a really great weekend. Don't forget to get those winter coats back out, those of you up north at least!

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