By suehutton

That sunflower

Still working on the sunflower in Loughborough marketplace. It looks insignificant amidst the bustle.

Got shooed away by the manageress of the Polish supermarket when I tried to take a photo of all the products stored on shelves by the open back door. 'You no take photo. My boss say no photo.' On my return, I managed to get a shot, see extra.

Breakfast at Café Ambience. Very nice but it took ages to reach me. No Basil with me this morning. I don't know if he would be allowed in.

Couldn't get presentation boxes for William and Edward's christening presents but I selected a jolly wrapping paper and two identical cards. Shouldn't be any arguments over that.

Len didn't go to tennis this afternoon. Instead he accompanied me to the bottom Beacon Hill park where the woodland was fresh and green thanks to all the ferns.

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