There were three

The long awaited badger hide evening at Marston Lodge Farm. Three of us fitted nicely into a hide disguised as a trailer.

Des hadn't been sure how long the young badgers would emerge at the wood but Chris the farmer has been careful to put bait out every day which they demolish. I was very grateful to Chris and to Paul, one of the other photographers for their help in getting me in and out of the truck and of the hide. I really am a mess these days when it comes to getting myself sorted at these things.

Des had said there were two young badgers. Now there are three. The trouble about photographing three together with a long lens in indifferent light is that you can't get them all in focus. Ah well.

At least half of my shots are rejects because they are blurred. I hadn't been able to set up my camera to my satisfaction because the hide was closed before I'd set up the tripod properly. I prefer to look through the viewfinder  in order to focus. This evening I had to use Live View and the autofocus.

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