We took the train from Dusseldorf to Basel. The weather is hot again and today we went to the tourist office for a brochure on some self guided walks.
We especially enjoyed the Old Town and walking across the bridges, along the river-side and up to the cathedral, which is where this photo was taken.
On the opposite bank of the river, you can see people floating down the river. This is a daily sight, a local pass-time which really requires little effort...the current is not strong, it's just a case of literally going with the flow...
We watched for ages as hundreds of people floated by throughout the day - it must have been so refreshing in the heat today. Their belongings are stored in floating waterproof bags called 'Wikifish', which they attach to themselves and all the while keep the contents dry. There are markers along the river which ensure the swimmers stay within a safe area close to the shore, separating them from the boats sailing by.
A great sight to see, along with the many other sights Basel had to offer.

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