Musings of a Suffolk boy

By tractorboydan

The name's Bond...

Firstly, apologies about the poor quality of this photo. It was taken from distance with an iPhone, so is a little grainy due to the digital zoom. Hence the reason I've put it in B&W, as I think it lessens the poor effect.

So today was track day, and I got to race this Aston Martin Vantage around the track. I'm quite a confident driver, but haven't owned a car for nearly a year now since scrapping my last one. I use the train for work too, so driving for me these days is nearly non-existent (popping to Tesco in my girlfriend's car is about it). So I can certainly tell you that going from no driving at all to driving this, and in this style leaves you a little staggered.

It was extremely fun; diving in and out of chicanes, speeding out of corners, going flat out, and feeling the under-steer pulling at the wheel.
But, for me, the best part was the overtake. Usually you don't get todo things like this on these sorts of track days, but fortunately for me there was a person in from driving an Audi R8 who was being decidedly slow and very generous with their foot's time on the brake. So, having popped around a corner and on to an open straight my instructor told me to go round him. I gunned it with my foot to the floor and left the R8 for absolute dust - I couldn't believe how quickly this thing would eat up the road.


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