By Veronica

Two days running

Yes, out to lunch again. It just seems like too much hard work to shop and cook. The restaurant in the village this time; we ate in splendid isolation on the terrace as the only customers. It was delicious and delicate as usual; chef Guillaume is an artist, under-appreciated largely due to being more expensive than other local places. And also being shy and bad at self-promotion.

He is very good at desserts; this is an elegant composition involving strawberries, raspberries, white chocolate, and a crunchy disc of caramelised sesame seeds.

Swimming in the morning, siesta after lunch. Some time spent wrestling with the new phone that arrived earlier in the week. For some reason it worked on WiFi but had no mobile signal when out of the house even when S’s identical phone did. Eventually, in a process of elimination, I took both SIMs out, put them back in the old phone, laboriously noted down all the advanced network settings, put them back in the new phone, and manually typed in the settings. It works now! Saving me the horror of Orange customer “service”.

Now we’re finishing the bottle of excellent very local wine we ordered with lunch.

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