By Shutterup

Post heat

The garden is looking rather burnt off and dry in places.  I have tried not to water anything other than the pots but today I took fright that my lovely dahlia had keeled over.. I gave it a good soaking but I don't hold out much hope for it.. how sad! However, going round the garden with a camera lets me see there are still a few flowers about. The picture of the fence is the one we put in during the spring. The rose and the gorgeous red clematis (in the other picture) are doing a good job along with the verbena bonariensis in giving some coverage.  
It's been a quiet day at the ranch.. I have been throwing stuff away and tidying things up particularly in my painting room which was feeling cluttered. Another barbeque tonight.. posh hot dogs tonight.. I am beginning to think I should turn on my range again but I know the minute I do that the summer will return and I will be overheating again!
I have just made my first purchase from CooK .. to be collected next week.  While we are surviving with microwave and bbq it seemed like a good time to give it a go. A delicious looking Thai selection for 2 for £15 seemed a good deal. 

Thumbnail is of the centre of the sunflower.. It is so black in the hole I cannot make out what goes on in there!!

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