The plan was to have a quiet day today as I only got 3 hours sleep for no reason other than I just couldn't drop off!  Hasn't quite worked out that way!

Had to walk to the shops for a  bit of food shopping and then I went for a wander to the local creek to see if that would wake me up - nice to spot this Whimbrel, and also saw a Wall Brown butterfly who wouldn't pose nicely!  Then home to do housework and then found that the phone had no dial tone! Cue frantic google searches and lots of turning it on and off again, to then find out that the bloke who set up the new TV yesterday had put the phone line in a wrong socket! Phew!!

Then it was time to move the bookcases back to position so that led me to a book sort out - 12 more books now ready to take to the charity shops! .... I'm now hoping to sit and read but I have a fear that as soon as I start reading I'm going to nod off!! Is it bedtime yet?!

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