Sunday stroll

Not a cloud in the sky today - blue from end to end! I decided that while I was still in the mood I should do my usual litter pick - it normally takes around 90minutes, depending on how many chats I have along the way!

Today it took more than two hours - lots of rubbish and lots of chats! As I walked along Ardconnel Terrace I spotted our latest CalMac boat setting off for Mull. She's named Loch Frisa, but I think of her as the 'Chugging Bathtub'!

As I passed the top of Jacob's Ladder I glanced down and saw such a mess that I decided to leave it for the return run. By the time I'd reached the town I had a full bag of rubbish which I tipped out next to a bin just to take a photograph before putting it all in the bin! That's my first extra today. 

When I came back up Jacob's Ladder the full horror of the situation was revealed. Not only was there a great deal of the usual rubbish including bottles, carry-outs and broken glass, a baseball cap and a chocolate cake, but both seats had been covered with graffiti - see second extra. I'm going to make a big fuss this time.

A young couple came up the steps and said hello, so I asked where there came from and they told me Italy. They came to Scotland to get away from the constant hot days and blue skies! It told them not to worry as it would probably rain tomorrow!

The lovely weather continued after lunch and I spent the afternoon working in the garden.

Quote of the Day - 'The better the day, the better the deed'. (Frequently used to justify working on a Sunday or religious festival. Cf. early 14th‐cent.)

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