Dublin Shooter

By dublinshooter

When a bag is not a bag

I hadn't been in Nolan's supermarket in Clontarf for a while. They've been carrying out a major reconstruction for some time – not just of the supermarket itself, but also adding offices and apartments to the mix within their site.

I'm a long-time fan of the supermarket, even if friends and relatives consider it pricey. Today I was even more impressed. The interior it vast, things are laid out reasonably logically (and the staff are genuinely helpful giving directions if needed). I needed a bag when I got to the checkout. I was asked which type I'd like and I grabbed this one when I saw the slogan "This is not a plastic bag'. It certainly felt like plastic, though lighter than normal. I'm sure it really is re-cycleable, which is another reason for liking Nolan's.

So, if it isn't plastic, does that mean I didn't have to pay the plastic-bag levy? I guess not. Another reason to like them.

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