As you can see it's hot and dusty, we're officially having a drought in The Netherlands and there soon may be restrictions on the use of water everywhere, as there is no rain of substance expected any time soon.
It's however nice to see a farmer actually harvesting instead of all the angry rioting farmers we've been seeing for weeks now (the farmers are angry because due to CO2 restrictions there will have to be huge changes in the agriculture sector, as usual the government has not exactly been very clear and transparent in explaining the how and what, but the fact that measures would have to be taken and soon too before it is really too late has been known for years now)

I don't know how anyone can deny that there is a serious climate change and we all need to change our habits before it is too late :-(

Edited to add that there’s no theme for tomorrow’s AbstractThursday and that the tag will be AT371

Thanks very much for the kind comments and stars for yesterday's yellow Blip

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