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Anticipating Autumn?

It's an odd thing, but even after 17 years of retirement I still feel that pang of regret when August begins. I suppose there's some justification in terms of the shortening days (people joking "The nights are fair drawing in ..." before the end of June) and the change from the hope of spring to the nostalgia/melancholy of autumn, but actually I think it's a throwback to my teaching days, not because I hated my job but because I loved my holidays. It was not always A Thing with me: when I was in my final four years at school I actually looked forward to going back even though my holidays were simply the best times. 

Anyway, that's what I was thinking about today as we walked through the ever-changing Benmore Gardens, so late in the afternoon that there was no-one else around after we left the area near the gates. Partly it was the slight hint of rain in the air, but more I think the predominant colours of russet and red - the most extraordinary being in these seeds in the right hand panel of the collage, bursting forth from the most unnoticeable pods. Because the air was so still, the scents from the various bushes were absolutely amazing.

Two positive pieces of news, so that I can put aside for now the prospect of China coming on hostile with Taiwan and the total recklessness of the neglect of proper protocols at the Ukrainian nuclear power plant at Zaporizhzhia: (1)Archbishop Justin Welby's statement that - to summarise - acknowledges the validity of the equal marriage acceptance in some parts of the Anglican Communion (including Scotland) and (2) Eilish McColgan's terrific win tonight in the Commonwealth Games 10,000 metres. (Fancy running over 6 miles at that pace - I still don't think in metric). 

And in other news, I paid the balance of another holiday today...

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