My topsy-turvy life

By Rathmandu

The Tower

Everton 1 Fulham 0
Another 3 points from a dominating -in parts- performance despite creating loads of chances but failing to turn the vast majority into goals. At least the habit of conceding sloppy goals seems to have been eradicated, though that may just be down to Fulham being a bit crap.
Is European football next season still on? Probably not but we can hope.

I decided this afternoon to have a wander down to Everton brow to get a blip of Prince Rupert's Bridewell Tower, more famous for being the dominant feature of the Everton badge. It was further than I remembered.
It was built in 1787 to keep ne'er do wells in overnight -they were probably drunks- before being put in front of the magistrates the following morning.

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