A walk in Sutton Park National Nature Reserve.

Sutton Park is only about a 25 minute walk from our house.
We are so blessed to have it on our doorstep so to speak.
This morning I was up at 6.00 am and we came into the park before 9.00am when it was fairly quiet.
The light was glorious through the trees, shining through the canopy overhead making dappled shade.
I just find being amongst trees really calming.
The surface of the two pools we passed was infinitely still, broken only by a few geese leaving silver trails as they moved along.
A space to breathe.
Then on making our way along a path, there under the trees peacefully grazing, were the wild Exmoor ponies. I’ve written about them before, and how they were introduced into the Park to help with conservation.
I love seeing them!
It kind of marked the fact that today, I have been informed, it is my 1500th blip!
How did I get so far!
So a special moment for a milestone blip birthday.
Thankyou to my Blipper friend Rainette for encouraging me to join.
I find it a safe haven, with encouraging people with a daily glimpse into other daily lives across the world.
So many thanks to the Blip Team who work hard to keep this site up and running. Without them we would all be much the poorer.
Link to info about the ponies:

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