Back in the Park again……

The temperatures are once again on the rise here in the West Midlands with forecast of 33C for the next three days at least.
Another early morning walk was needed.
It is good being out in the cooler air, under the cloudless azure skies .
The light is so sharp at that time of day.
As you know I love trees!
This stand of trees in the photo casting their elongated shadows across a piece of parched ground.
I’ve put a photo of me in the extras which Stephen took as I leaned again one particularly tall specimen!
I loved climbing trees in my youth. They somehow have a presence all of their own.
When we went to Fountains Abbey a few weeks ago there was a project there where you could actually put on a headset, one of several which were attached to a sweet chestnut tree and listen to the noises it made within.
These were explained in on an information panel nearby.
It was fascinating! All the creaks and clicks! I could have stood there for ages!
Here is a link if you are interested:

Is it any wonder I have read The Hobbit, and then The Lord of the Rings, the latter I’ve read twice!
Once again the Pools we passed were like glass. We sat by one of them with a takeaway coffee each, just enjoying the peace and tranquility.
Being out early has its rewards!
Just now the sky has clouded over somewhat and it is a very kind of “heavy” atmosphere.
I’m sitting at the patio table under the umbrella writing this blip.
I’m still a bit behind with comments, but thankyou so much for all the ones you put on here yesterday.
The small birds are totally quiet, with the exceptions being the chatter of a magpie now and then, interspersed with a chack from a jackdaw.

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