We knew it was going to be another warm day today but still needed to get lots of things sorted at the Community Fridge.  I usually pick Dianne up and it’s great because not only does she keep me amused by her wonderful chat and jokes, but she has a key fob to get into the Church, so we can get started on the sorting out as soon as we get there without hanging around outside.  

Meg is usually the first one there - she’s the one in the black tee shirt - so she and Dianne started moving the various plants, bread and other things out into the hall.  I wasn’t sure what I would take today as my photograph, so thought a shot of them in the room which is the hub of the Community Fridge and where much of the admin work is done, would be a good idea.  They were having a slight altercation about which was best - the Royal Air Force, where Meg was a Scripture Reader for many years, or the Fleet Air Arm where Dianne’s Dad served.  I’m not sure of the outcome, but they were still speaking to one another so guess they agreed to differ!

I then had to go upstairs to find something from the cleaner’s cupboard and shouted down to Meg from the balcony, which is why she is looking very surprised.  Meg and Dianne both just get on with what needs to be done - Meg being mainly on the door, making sure that everyone’s hands are sanitised before they come in and giving them a bag to put their 5 items in, whilst Dianne is in charge of the scales - an important job.

I was rather puzzled when I first started going to the Community Fridge because everything that goes out is weighed, but that is so that the organisers know just how much has NOT gone into landfill.  Clever thinking!

I had some good chats with various people who came into the café and it’s good to see the same people week by week and get to know them.  I wasn’t too late getting home but was still quite tired, as it was so hot and sticky, as I have no doubt it has been over most of the country today.

You may remember my friends, Linda and Vyara, who came originally from Bulgaria, with whom I have spent many happy hours since we first met about 13 years ago when Vyara first started school here.  They are returning to Bulgaria at the end of the month where Vyara is going to University and will be studying to become a pharmacist.  I am so pleased for them, as all their family still live there, but it was quite sad for us all to be saying “Goodbye”, but as we all said, “Thank goodness for technology, so that we can keep in touch easily.”

I have put a couple of selfies in as extras - a decent one and one of us all making funny faces - you decide which is which!  

“Kindness and helping others 
     will return to you 
          when you least expect it, 
               and maybe when you need it.” 
Catherine Pulsifer

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