Peace and love

Still cloudy but the mild weather is back. Perfect temperatures of about 22 degrees all day. Despite the nice weather, a lot of money was spent on a service for my car, almost 300€. Think about what you save, all those of you who don't own a car. Congratulations.

Quite a lot of music was created, it's going to be useful sometime in future, I'm sure. By "created" I mean that I heard music being played that I felt could fit in my repertoar so I copied what was played and wrote it down so I can use it whenever suitable. It's good to have access to music when I sometimes lack repertoar for some project.

My walk this evening brought me to one of the strongholds that we have so many of on this island, they were more or less all built during the Iron-age, ruffly between 500 BC to 1050, used for military defence or for protection of the people living in a certain area during invasions or wars between the chiefs on the island.
I didn't go to the stronghold itself this time but followed a path leading through the ancient landscape that has more or less looked like this since the the Iron-age. People cultivated the land while cows, sheep, pigs, horses and other creatures grazed and kept the landscape open. The people, or rather their chiefs, had a more or less constant civil war going on between the different clans ruling the island, ruining their neighbours land and territory for the sake of personal power. If this sounds familiar, look at any news broadcast the next time they are on.
I had a lovely walk in the still evening and got a glimpse of a peaceful society where war seems completely impossible.

The leaves are changing its colour already, it might depend on the drought though, I could have sworn these yellowbrown leaves weren't here yesterday.

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