Sweet and Sour.

A sweet walk around Himley House Country Park. 

Hollie dog, I, and Mrs I. 

Delectable, Capability Brown landscaping. 180 acres of it. And pools, woodland, a huge lake, and lots to see and do.

The sour bit was coming home to a load of tosh from a solicitor. 
I am close to swearing and tearing, it drives me mad. 

So, to avoid a lawsuit I will say nothing. 

But I will tell a little joke. 

How do you know the difference between a good solicitor, and a bad one?

A bad one will draw out the proceedings as long as he can to maximise his financial gain.

A good one will draw it out even longer....

And while we are at it... 

Why do the law society prohibit sex between a solicitor and his client?

So the client doesn't get billed twice for what is essentially the same service..

Enough said... 

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