Still Rockin'

By RockArea

Blocking Out The Sun

I seem to have an awful lot of t-shirts and I'm certain I don't wear many of them. I have some that I tend to wear under jumpers in the colder months, I have some that are souvenirs of gigs or events. One that I love is a Banks Beer t-shirt that I bought in Barbados the first time I went there, it's well worn and nicely faded and it's a treasure. I don't know if it's that fashion has changed or that I've put on weight but the medium size t-shirts I used to wear don't look so good these days. Anyway, I took them all out of the drawer, it took me two trips (it's a big drawer) and went through them one by one deciding whether they would be kept or chucked. There's a lot more room in my drawer now and I should be able to find the one I want. After that I did the same with my jumper drawer too. That wasn't so hard, just because jumpers take up more room than t-shirts.

I think it's been even hotter today and it doesn't suit me at all. Roll on next week, I'm hoping for a thunder storm and a bit of relief. I saw these bales yesterday so I went down to get a photo. 

They look like the sort of bales we used to have back in the 80s. I did a lot of bale humping in those days, heaving them up on the trailer and heaving them up in the haymow before the rain started. A certain amount of scrumpy cider was consumed in the process. These bales are two or three times the size of those bales and I don't think I'd want to try heaving these. It's all mechanical handling these days.

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