Choose Joy

By Energia

almost giddy

I put on a nice pair of black pants. 
Then I put on a different pair of black pants.
Then I put on the original pair. 
I put on a black shirt.
I put on my favorite grey blazer. 
I decided I didn't like how it looked. 
I put on my new favorite grey blazer. 
I realized I could wear jewelry. 
I picked out jewelry.
I looked at my watch and realized I needed to be in the car RIGHT THEN.
I fed the birds.
I skipped my breakfast.
I drove to the metro.
I squirted Taffix up my nose. 
As someone who has never used any illegal drugs, squirting powder up my nose in the parking lot felt weird.
I put on my mask. 
On the metro I realized I had forgotten my wallet. 
(I paid for the metro using Apple Pay and my watch.)

Hoped I didn't need id. 

I was friendly, charming, and endearing. 
I said something both brilliant AND interesting. 

I came home.
At home, Karen said, "you know you're wearing blue pants right?"

Ukraine received four more Gepard (German for leopard) anti-aircraft systems. A bunch of the weapons have been described as "self-propelled" and I think I finally figured out it just means it is a vehicle. 

Remember that Russia said no planes were lost in the blasts in Crimea? Yesterday I said they lost at least seven? Oryx is a website that uses photos and videos to verify destroyed equipment. They said four of the su-30SM fighters were destroyed and five Su-m planes and reconnaissance craft, for nine. 

The Institute for the Study of War said that Russian officials appear confused about how Ukraine was able to strike so deeply behind front lines. 

This is a significant setback for the Russian Navy Black Sea fleet. The first big blow was the sinking of the Moskva. 

Ukraine is advising, "unless they want an unpleasantly hot summer break, we advise our valued Russian guests not to visit Crimea." 

Teenagers in Chicago created a Guinness world record-breaking mosaic with breakfast cereal. Kellogg donated 5,000 boxes. They used yellow Corn Pops and blue Rice Krispies to create the Ukrainian flag. The cereal will be donated to a local food bank. Donors have pledged nearly $15,000 to their fundraiser for Ukraine. 

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