Musings of a Suffolk boy

By tractorboydan

Typically relaxing Sunday...

You have to love a Sunday when done properly - it's all about taking it easy.

I had a bit of a lie in this morning, though not too late, Sosa not to waste too much of the day. I was awake by 9, and out of my pit by 9.45.

I had a lovely 2-egg bacon omelette, with a splash of tobacco sauce. It was nice but tasted a little different, like something was missing. It was only when I went back in to the kitchen an hour or so later that I saw the pile of grated cheese that I hadn't put in it - only arguably the most important and standard of omelette ingredients!


Then it was a case of reliving my childhood, playing a little Call of Duty 2, followed by some Time Team on the telly.

Off for a run after that. I buggered up the route and got lost (it was a new route I hadn't been on before). It was meant to be 3.5 miles, but having got lost I worked it out when I got home and I'd done 3.2 instead. Still, I'll not make the same mistake next time and will do the 3.5 now that I know how and where I went wrong.
Happy with the time though, 19mins & 58 secs - not too shabby.

Then it was dinner time, as you can see above. Some lovely salmon with a parsley sauce, sweet potatoes and some salad in balsamic dressing - great way to cap the day!

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