Wild Boar Fell

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Spent this morning packing for a few days' camping in Swaledale. The forecast was for a very hot sunny week, but I put waterproofs into the bags anyway. This is Britain, after all!

Everything had been loaded into the van and we were about to set off when, wonder of wonders, the plumber appeared to measure up! MrM had bumped into him earlier, in the local shop, and mentioned a couple of jobs we'd like him to do. Eventually we set off and MrM drove us down to the Dales by a very long and winding - and very scenic - route. Even longer than intended as twice we reached a barrier and 'road closed' sign at the end of a long stretch of road - no indication whatsoever beforehand that the road would be impassable. Grrr! It meant two long diversions, but looking on the bright side at least there was enough fuel in the tank and there's air conditioning in the van!

On the way we stopped for a short while to look at Wild Boar Fell, which we walked a few years ago. It seems much more impressive from this viewpoint than it does from the path along the top.

Finally to Usha Gap campsite near Muker in time to put up our tent (an extension on the back of the van) and have a meal. The extra shows our view from the campsite towards Muker.

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