Morning view...

Backblip 3

...from our tent. The vegetation is amazingly lush and green compared with that in Northumberland.

In to Richmond for a pootle round and a recce. Another very hot sunny day, hot enough to make MrM think it was time to buy a pair of shorts when he spotted some on a 'sale rail' outside a clothing shop. And when we treated ourselves to mid-morning coffee and cake it was good to discover that the café had air-conditioning, and we lingered a little longer than necessary!

Towards the end of the afternoon we found a pub with a lovely beer garden, and enjoyed a cool drink before heading to our appointment in Bargate. Then back to the campsite for a meal.

Yesterday evening we were plagued by midges, and avoided them for most of this evening by walking through the meadows to the pub in Muker...

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