In the pink

A rather lovely pink hydrangea in the 'yard, on a day lacking Blip inspiration.

Some painting in the hall to start the day, the first coat of gloss on the woodwork in the soon-to-be cupboard.

After that, a break from the painting to tackle a few of the household chores that have been neglected over the past few days - exciting stuff, eh?! Also made a nut and veg. roast for our evening meal (and for several lunches this week too), enjoyed a chat on the phone with Tom, and exercised on the bike.

MrMSenior is almost 89, fiercely independent, lives alone, and is stubbornness personified. About 10 days ago he started with Covid symptoms, deteriorated horribly, and despite any amount of persuasion has absolutely refused to consent to seeing a doctor or allow a paramedic into the house. Until today. To cut a long story short, he's finally - and very reluctantly - been taken in to hospital. We're hoping for the best...

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