Hidden Danger

Today was the Little Meadow family fun day, it was dry and the meadow was dry enough to sit on. While the rain kept away, so did the sun and it was not warm at all. However a few brave souls turned up and I think they had plenty of fun.

Today's blip is a cowslip (Primula veris), we have loads of them in the meadow. I had hoped for a nice insect shot today but they were all at home in bed, and I didn't get a decent bee shot and there were no ladybirds to be found. I managed two small wasps on one cowslip and on this one you can just see lurking a tiny spider.

To add insult to injury, just as the Maypole dancing started, a Red Kite flew overhead. I got a picture of it and you can clearly see the forked tail, but my 60 mm macro lens isn't much use for that kind of shot so I've not posted it here on the grounds that it's mostly sky...

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