A day in the life

By Shelling


Due to yesterdays crayfish-party excesses I've had quite a slow morning where I didn't wake up until nine. After breakfast I posted my blip from yesterday. 
There's a clear change in the weather to being on the cooler side but mid day was still too warm to do any physical work. I spent time reading in the shade instead.

Towards the evening, when the sun went into cloud mode and temperature became considerably lower, I did some digging again and didn't stop until I felt I was finished. I had an idea about constructing a frame for the floor that  I laid it out to see how it would work. The idea is to construct a framework of wood, placed on the fifteen stones that are going to be levelled and placed correctly.  The frame will be heavy and permanently resting on the rocks, so that I can screw the floorboards on and, hopefully have a proper and level floor of nearly eight square metres, for my work-bench and some storage shelves. 
I won't burden you with more pictures of the shed for a while, not until it's ready anyway. This was the only photo today and taken mostly as a help for me to think around.

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