A day in the life

By Shelling


There was no blip delivered last night, it appears in the morning the day after in stead. This depending on the crayfish party I was at yesterday evening, the homecoming hour after midnight and some intakes of alcoholic drinks. I'm normally not a huge fan of crayfish, I think they demand an awful lot of fiddly work to get to the very small amount of food on them. But the time consuming eating is well worth the effort in the company of good friends, a warm evening and lots of other good food, besides crayfish.

In the afternoon I started digging out the earth in the shed,  to prepare for the wooden floor I want to have in two thirds of it. I dig away the top layer to make it flatter than it is, so I can put a drainage layer of limestone gravel in the bottom as a stable support for the floorboards.

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