A day in the life

By Shelling

Morning web

Autumn is hinting more and more. Misty morning gave a decorative web but it soon dried up when the sun burned the mist away.
We've had another hot day with a high humidity. In my cellar, the humidity meter showed 93% humidity and 20 degrees warm. I don't dare go down there in case I might drown.

If I get the time I will move my stuff from the old place during the weekend. I spent quite a long time tidying up in the shed and I can fit it in there now I think. 

"Iron Man" has invaded Kalmar, tomorrow the race is due. The cykling is largely taking place on Öland so I can't really go anywhere because of crowds and closed streets and roads. It's going to rain all night but stop an hour before the start. During the day there will be temperatures up to 25 degrees which means hot and humid. It'll be a tough race. 3000 people are swimming 3,86 km, cykling 180,2km and running 42,2 km. The record for men is 8h.8min. For women it's 9h.9min. Anyone?

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