You can tell that neither of us likes looking in to a camera lens.  I am much happier being on the other side of the camera!  I had considered asking the waiter/ess to snap us at Cobbles & Clay where we have had a lovely celebratory lunch, but that would have been even more daunting, so here we are on our 42nd Wedding Anniversary.

A Happy Wedding Anniversary to our Jenny and Pete who also celebrate today! Love to you both xx

On a very sad note, I learned this morning that ex-colleague, sometime boss and friend Trevor has died.  I've been thinking about him throughout the day and remembering events.  At a time when things were tough at the school at which we worked, Trevor was a staunch defender of his staff.  He was a great family man and had a dry and ready wit, as you can probably tell from my link photo.  If I'd had a hard day he would quietly say, 'Don't worry we can always run away to Morecambe,' and we laughed some time later when we were on a day's training together and got lost en route somewhere in darkest Lancashire.  We saw a sign to Morecambe and, for a few moments, considered forgetting the training and following the sign.  A group of us conspired to take Trevor and Kath to Morecambe close to his retirement and had a fun day out on the beach and playing rounders in Happy Mount Park, remember JeanneB53?  Our thoughts are with Kath, his children and wider family at this time. xx

PaulaJ, please tell Gordon.

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