Nipped back thru from Kilmacolm early to get back for a BBC festival show with Maggie O’Farrell. Get to the city bypass, get a text. Cancelled!
Boo hiss boo
What to do with the now free day? Decided to have a bus day. Bought a day ticket and just jumped on and off buses all day. So dismayed to see the state of Edinburgh caught on Day 3 of a bin strike. Literally every bin overflowing and the streets covered in litter and happy seagulls. How it can be left to increase further especially during th the last week of the Festival, humans at their worst.
Pottered down George St, sat in St Andrews Sq. eventually ended up via the 26 back in our Porty to break tradition and go to The Beach House for tea.
Great food, we had the healthy rice bowl, except it was couscous. Nice decor and selection but the service was poor. Disinterested staff who stood about chatting to each other despite tables being quiet. We’ll give it another bash but left £50 lighter and not full of bonhomie.
Walked over to Musselburgh and hopped in the 140 straight to our door.
Only 8 years til me bus pass

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