By Transitoire

Crémaillère; prise deux

Today I went to the cinema. And I would more than recommend the film Julien and I went to see. Called Les Gamins, it is one of the funniest films that I have seen in a long time. Think 'Meet the Fockers' but better, and mixed with that French je ne sais quoi. Before we headed to the cinema, we had a drink in the Breton bar with his rather hungover housemate. Lovely guy, and proof that people who come from Brittany really do mumble (I've met four now, they all mumble, or mangent les mots) hence why I sometimes find it hard to understand them straightaway!

I then headed back home to get ready for another Crémaillère; this time an Erasmus in Caen one. Just the right number of people, and just the right people. We ended up chilling out, listening to music, and playing a little drinking game or two. I of course was being more sensible than I may usually be, as I had decided to take my proper camera out with me, so I could take some nice photographs of everyone. So here is one, taken from the stairs. I feel like I should describe this in quite a bit of detail, as every time I look at it I get a bit teary, as these are the people I'm leaving behind. So here goes, from left to right:-
- Flavie and Nora, in deep conversation
- Mathieu, Arlène and Jean-Baptiste...I think Jean-Baptiste said somthing funny, judging by the other's faces!
- Clémence watching Becky tell Simon off
- Semina with her friend having a chat
- Pawel pulling a face as Camille smiles at the camera (spotted!)
- Kendra and Shwetabh having a tête-à-tête
- Astrid and Gaëtan, also having what looks to be a serious conversation

It is so surprising just how close you can get to people in under the space of a year. I'm going to stop writing now.

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