Seeing Beyond Looking

By SandraSuisse


Did I ever mention that I adored Saturday market day in Lausanne?  Early morning is the best because there are less people.

I have to tell you about the Affogato al caffe, which is a delicious Italian concoction of a good quality vanilla gelato (ice-cream) topped with a shot of espresso coffee. Very yummy. You eat the ice-cream and then drink the coffee mixed with the rest of the melted vanilla ice-cream! The Italian expression literally means : "drowned in coffee"!  I'm sure you noticed the name of the café on the card!
The snake spoon is to show Marg/Doyley.

I wanted to start a little series which I'm going to call: 'Bus Stop Encounters', but our bus came too soon and it was more like 'Bus Stop Rush'! So that will be for another time.  I am enclosing an extra of a friendly street musician though. His music was very uplifting. 

Are you being kind to your Saturday so it gets to be kind to you?

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