Day at a Time

By Tweedy


Another huge breakfast saw us on our way a few miles south to Herston. There we were welcomed by blipper Poppy, Mike and Lottie.  So glad that we managed to see them. Had a good walk over the fields and along the cliffs. Flora and Lottie played like old friends chasing each other through the long grass. Though Flora was a bit too forward jumping onto Mike's knee to Lottie's understandable disgust. Extra of Poppy, Lottie, Tweedy and Flora not concentrating on the camera. 

Leaving Herston we headed up to Kirkwall for some shopping, a wee wander round the town and a cup of tea. Now in the queue for the Westray ferry which leaves at 4:20.

It's a journey of about an hour and 20 minutes to Westray. The weather is glorious so I expect it will be a smooth sail past the isles. All being well we'll be in the holiday cottage by 6pm ready to watch the light on the water of Pierowall Bay. 

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