The strange undoing of Prudentia Hart

Yesterday I was delighted to find that there were still a few tickets left for the final performance of The strange undoing of Prudentia Hart at the Playfair library. I immediately bought two.

The show lived up to all expectations and beyond. I especially enjoyed the elements that related to a (fictional) academic conference (with papers that could easily have been submitted to REF sub-panel 34), the references to Border reivers (my paternal ancestors), and Nick from Kelso (one of my cousins could be described as such). The acting, playing, singing, dancing, and audience participation were all superb. In short, it was a wonderful riot that brought tears to my eyes. My blip shows the stage at the end of the show.

The rest of the day has been dull in comparison. All it really amounts to is planning our dinner menu for the week ahead, writing a shopping list, trekking round to LIDL to buy the groceries, and making a lasagne for dinner this evening. However, this was a welcome bit of normality this morning after (a) not falling asleep until just before 5:00am, and (b) then being woken up at about 06:00am by Mr hazelh who could tell that I was experiencing a bad dream. He was right: in my nightmare he had been decapitated by a fence wire after falling off our tandem!

Exercise today: walking (11,974 steps).

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