By littlemissquirk


Oooh the irony.
To be fair Porty isn’t too bad, a lot of rubbish but collected and bagged round the bins hoping for an end to the strike soon. Again, all the cups, wrappers, pizza boxes are a sad reflection of how wasteful we humans are. Single use, then chucked with no thought.
Lovely day. Breakfast at Miros with two out of four kids. Having done my research this week, I pronounce the Avocado Za’atar at Miros my favourite Porty brekkie.
Home and then spent five hours in hot hot sunshine giving the garden a much needed haircut. Ruthlessly chopped out a few big filler plants that were useful three years ago when first planting the garden but now they’ve become a nuisance hiding other wee gems underneath. Brown bin full with no prospect of it being emptied so that was an I’ll thought out plan!
Dropped R in town for a sixteenth birthday party ( on a school night??!) then papers and Alandas for tea. Another spectacular sunset as we got our steps in back at Porty.
Perfect day

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