By Ridgeback13


Exceptionally lazy start to the day. I’d had a bit of a disrupted sleep and after I woke again at I fell more deeply asleep and didn’t finally wake til 10am!
We started with bacon rolls then I got stuck into a huge basket of ironing and A decided to get back to her model making. N still locked away and feeling pretty grim.
The sun came out and it was another beautiful day…glad the festivals aren’t closing in rain! I nipped to the shops again (dodging the huge piles of rubbish and drifting litter…eugh!) to stock up on food and get ingredients for making some plum jam. It turned out rather runny but I prefer that to it being too stiff.
Replanted my bedroom window box which has been looking somewhat dead a lot of the last couple of months and then made a huge vat of Cullen skink with the delicious smoked haddock we bought at Haddington market yesterday. Thought it would comfort and build up our invalid….
A has a runny nose and ended up napping this afternoon…she’s wondering if she might be going down with it. I’ve got a gravelly cough but both of us are showing negative on Covid tests….
Out in the evening to the Closing concert of Dream of Gerontius. On the way there I passed all the last signs of the fringe….stars stuck on all the posters and hoardings, Bristo Sq packed with people drinking and eating and enjoying the sun, and the omnipresent ‘silent’ disco tours.
I found myself on the front row again which was great in terms of being close to the soloists but given the vast orchestra and chorus it would have been nice to see all that was going on. Still, the main thing is the sound and that was epic!
Nipped round to the stage door to see KC and congratulate her, then home and bed. That’s it all done for another year!

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