By mollyblobs

They're everywhere!

I met Kathryn in Stamford just after eight and we walked our final Walkshop route in glorious sunshine. This is the most urban of the three routes, comprising a loop along a residential road, but there was still plenty of nature to find, helped by lichen-coated street trees and some rather scruffy verges, one of which had several plants of Chicory, which we hope might be flowering again in September.

We'd finished by half past nine, so headed to the Hayloft tea room near Uffington to finish planning the activities to be included in a self-guided trail, and also to sort out some of our AIR plans, particularly regarding the timing and location for our autumn exhibition. It was very relaxing sitting outside in the warm sunshine and there was some excitement when I spotted yet another Humming-bird Hawk-moth feeding on their pots of Pelargoniums. There are certainly a lot of these about this year!

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