By ferryoons

Blue skies, smiling at me ...

Early morning sounds, waking to the call of doves. Not the cries of the cursed herring gull. Peaceful. Restful. On the way out,  susurration of breeze off the sea, a faint tinkle of halyard on mast. Further on, newly laid chippings bouncing under the car. Next clanking and squeaking of doors as we get more stuff out of the storage unit. After lunch, laughter over the fence from the school. Kids in a circle with the teacher, playing a clap hands game outside and shouting their multiplication tables. Since when has that been fun? Anyway,  shouldn't eleven times ten be tenty-ten?

Late on,  the roaring of marine diesel. For rather a long time before the extra got moving seawards. For all the PR about the Seagreen offshore windfarm going live, there's a lot more to erect. It needs to get a lot seagreener yet.

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