Gretchen Peters

Introduced to Gretchen’s music by the great Terry Wogan way back in 1997! She is amazing singer songwriter from America. I’ve seen her live five times and this will be the last as she is retiring from touring. Her voice is perfect and I have to thank her for one of my top ten favourite songs - ‘On a Bus to St Cloud’. She picks different types of venues for her concerts and this one was in Maryhill Community Hall in Glasgow. We were on the second row, getting there for doors open at 7:30.

We had our tea nearby , and nearby was also where my grandmother gave birth to her first child in 1923. We had a walk along the street, seeing that the place where she gave birth has been knocked down and is now a care home. We could see what the buildings would have looked like as the other side was still the old buildings. We actually spoke to a mother and daughter who were sitting out on their steps and told them the story. Her mother said that previous to the care home being built the building was the Davenport Hotel. Good but of info.

Weren’t home till midnight so very late night but so great to see Gretchen again.

Last day of summer, and it was gorgeous one.

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