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Pererinion ~ Pilgrims

“The Tibetan term for pilgrimage is ne'khor (nNas sKor) which means to go around, to make a circular journey as this emulates the direction that the sun appears to take from the earth. It is said that places of power should be approached in a somewhat indirect and oblique manner, in a different way from how a tourist would visit. It is not the pilgrim's purpose to tick off a list of places, or to collect these sites as badges of holiness – but to visit simply with a sense of openness to behold what is there. The greater the space of one's approach to a place of power, then the more it makes itself available to the sense organs of perception.”
—Ngak'chang Rinpoche

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Er dydyn ni ddim yn teithio gydag asyn, march neu iac, rydyn ni'n dal yn bererinion yn mynd i Drala Jong yng Ngorllewin Cymru ar y Bws T1C. Mae'r T1C yn bron ym mherffaith i ni. Mae'n mynd o Gaerdydd i Aberystwyth, unwaith y diwrnod, ac yn stopio yn Llandysul ger Drala Jong. Oherwydd ein bod ni'n cael pas bws, dydy e ddim yn costio dim byd. Mae'n teimlo tipyn bach fel teithio yn India, ac eithrio nid oes unrhyw wallahs chai i werthu gwydrynnau o chai a bob stop. Mae rhaid i ni siarad â'r cwmni bws am ddiffyg gwasanaeth chai...

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Although we don't travel with a donkey, horse or yak, we are still pilgrims going to Drala Jong in West Wales on the T1C Bus. The T1C is almost perfect for us. It goes from Cardiff to Aberystwyth, once a day, and stops at Llandysul near Drala Jong. Because we get a bus pass, it doesn't cost anything. It feels a bit like traveling in India, except there are no chai wallahs to sell glasses of chai at every stop. We have to speak to the bus company about the lack of chai service...

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